Augustinian Recollects of Totonicapán assist at the first-time presentation of the translation of the Bible to Quiché Print
Wednesday, 01 June 2011 05:40

During 24 years, a team of Augustinian Recollect catechists worked together in translating the Bible from the original Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic into “Quiché”, the ancient language of many regions of Central America. On March 24 of this current year, the results of these labors were officially presented to the public in the parish of San Miguel Archangel , Totonicapán. The organization and coordination of this project took place under the direction of Father Bernard Goose, a French priest and Lic. Sucuqui Mejia, a native of Chiche (Quiché, Guatemala).


Co-cathedral of San Miguel Archangel. Totonicapán


The presentation took place in Santa Ana hall, with the presence of the apostolic administrator of the archdiocesis of Los Altos Quetzaltenango-Totonicapán, Gonzalo de Villa, the bishop of Jalapa, Julio Cabrera, and the Augustinian Recollect Max Ozuna, rector of San Miguel Archangel in Totonicapán.

“Today it is a very special day. I feel very excited to be with you, because this parish for many years has followed with a lot of interest the translation of the Bible, specially when it translated the New Testament into quiché. Besides, of this parish the team of translators received a very significant support”, said to the start Mgr. Cabrera.

“All the people that speaks quiché has been blessed by God, because it has formed a very good team to accomplish this difficult work. Specially father Bernard Gosse, deep connoisseur of the Bible, specialist in Holy Scripture, who for 24 years has been working in the translation. Beside him also the graduate Isabel Sucuquí Mejía, who has a deep knowledge of the quiché”, told the bishop of Jalapa.

The team completed with the catechists of Saint Andrés Sajcabajá, Saint Antonio Ilotenango, Santa Cruz del Quiché, Santa Lucia la Reforma, Santa María Chiquimula, Chichicastenango, Nahuala, Totonicapán and Zacualpa.


General Brother of the Order


Eusebio García, main brother of the Order of the Augustinian Recollects and sacristan of the co-cathedral of San Miguel Archangel has been one of the most stood out members of the group of catechists that has collaborated in this important translation.  

“It is a historical moment in this parish to present the Word of God in quiché language, where the majority of the population speaks quiché”, said Mgr. Gonzalo de Villa. Father Gosse commented that the gospels according Mark and according Luke were those that more attention needed, because some texts of these gospels were of difficult translation to the quiché. He also gave thanks to all those that supported the work that initiated on 29 October 1989.

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