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Friday, 29 April 2011 10:15







He is sometimes called "the first modern man" although he lived 1500 years ago. Even today, the story of his journey to God, the Confessions, is a bestseller. When he called himself "a restless heart," he spoke for all of us ever-pursuing that SOMEONE whom we call God.

This man, known in history as Augustine of Hippo, was the most outstanding convert to Christ and to the church after St. Paul. His conversion has gripped the imagination of all seekers after God. Some have even sought to follow him and to practice life-long conversion as consecrated religious living according to the Rule of St. Augustine. He lived during a time similar to our own, a period of "break-up" in human history. Overwhelmed by conflicting ideas and religions, the young Augustine's heart cried out for TRUTH and he found it in Christ and His Church. He became a Doctor of the Church and one of the greatest teachers of its doctrine. Among the many gifts which he left to the People of God is the Augustinian "Way of Life," a religious heritage continued by the great Augustinian family in the Church of which the Augustinian Recollects are members.

The saint of "the Whole Christ" is the saint for our times!

Some Key Dates in Augustine's Life
Birth - 354 AD
Conversion to Christianity - 386
Baptism - 387
Ordained a priest - 391
Bishop of Hippo - 395-97
Writes Confessions - 397-401
Writes De Trinitate - 399-420s
Writes City of God - 413-427
Death and burial - 430


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